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    tojiro-Japanese Taste


    Tojiro is one of the most globally well-known Japanese cutlery producers who have demonstrated the quality and reliability of Japanese kitchen knives for almost two decades. Interestingly, their original business was not the manufacturing of cutting tools but agricultural machines to cater with growing local demand. However, these products did not sell well in winter, so they started to create kitchen knives, and this commercial shift led them to become a prominent cutlery maker.

    They keep valuing their original in-house production while utilizing a mechanical approach. This mixture of tradition and innovation allows them to meet worldwide demand for Japanese kitchen knives; however, all processes are supervised under their skilled craftsmen assisted by their experience and instincts. This is why the quality of their kitchen knives has been well-maintained even after machine production methods have been adopted.

    As a leading manufacturer of cutlery and knives in Japan, Tojiro pursues the highest levels of sharpness for cutting tools.