Have you ever heard of a type of instant ramen noodles called “bo-ramen”? It literally means “stick ramen” due to its bundle packaging being similar to spaghetti paste, and it is convenient to carry and lighter in terms of taste; it is said that bo-ramen is popular among outdoor activists including mountaineers. In Japan, there is one company that specializes in such types of ramen noodles.

This Kyusyu-based ramen brand has made this niche-styled ramen familiar among Japanese consumers across the nation while gaining a reputation for producing high-quality instant Kyusyu ramen since its foundation. This means that Marutai is a perfect brand for consumers who wish to experience rich-flavored and addictive Kyusyu ramen. Their selection of instant ramen ranges from thick and sweet Kumamoto-style ramen to rich and aromatic Kurume-style ramen. Marutai offers you a sense that you are visiting one Kyusyu ramen restaurant after another.

Prepare a ramen bowl, with your favorite ramen toppings being ready to serve to maximize your ramen meal experience at home.