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    Japanese Matcha Products

    Matcha is enjoyed as an everyday beverage and is also consumed on special occasions such as Japanese tea ceremonies. The highest quality matcha is what you’ll find in Japanese tea ceremonies, whilst lesser grade matcha is usually used for baking or to add flavor to desserts or lattes. Matcha is considered a superfood because of its many health benefits such as reducing cholesterol, improving blood flow, increasing brain activity and metabolism. Matcha is full of antioxidants and vitamin E making it a healthy alternative to your daily coffee.

    Matcha green tea is a very versatile ingredient since it adds a tad of umami, bitterness and vegetal notes to any recipe. Its bright color and grassy taste with a pleasant astringency shines through a variety of sweeteners and dairy products. At Japanese Taste we have curated a wide range of matcha green tea related products including; matcha snacks and sweets, matcha powder, whisks, ladles, bowls and other accessories. Other interesting matcha products on our portfolio include matcha noodles, bar soaps or skincare products that contain matcha powder, which are said to be good for cleansing and exfoliating your skin.